Serialized Novels

Releasing novels in serial form seems to be making a bit of a comeback. Amazon for one is pushing the concept hard including re-releasing various works by Charles Dickens like Oliver Twist in their original serial form.

I picked that example because it highlights the issue I can’t get my head around. Why would you want to receive a novel that has been completed for over one hundred and fifty years piecemeal?

But what about a work in progress? Wouldn’t it be nice to receive each chapter as it is completed? Sure, but that assumes the writing process is linear. That has definitely not been my experience so far. I’ve written one hundred and sixty pages of Faraday’s Mine, but they are not even close to consecutive. It would be more like pages 1 – 50, 75-100, 130 – 140, 200 – 275. And there is lots of going back and reworking the story as I go along.

Which leads me to my question. I know many people who have read Newton’s Ark are waiting impatiently to see what happens next. Is there any interest in seeing Faraday’s Mine released as each chapter is completed, even knowing that they may change (radically) before it is done?

2 thoughts on “Serialized Novels

  1. No…. And an impetus for my “no” is that I subscribed to The Silent History (recommended via Apps Store) and that comes out as a short chapter per day. I hang out for them, but also find it frustrating….. Bitty…. Hard to keep the threads together. I suspect if I knew other people reading it and we talked about it daily it would be very powerful, as its a great story. I suspect that a vision or this “book” is just that, people commuting on train etc all reading, then talking about it. But……. I am not sold on the daily chapter release. It may be the format as each piece is “written” by a different character and there has not yet been any linking across chapters… Or has there and I missed it?

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