About the Author

Author D.A.Hill was born in Australia in 1963 on a farm that was so remote it had no electricity, but now has a freeway running through it, just one symbol of the incredible march of progress that has filled his life with wonders he could not have imagined as a child.

From 1999 to 2004 he lived and worked in Asia and in 2004 he emigrated to the United States. He now splits his year between in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Brisbane, Australia with his wife Marie, who fortunately appreciates romance and sci-fi as much as he does. He thoroughly enjoys making stuff up, almost as much as he enjoys skiing and snowboarding in Steamboat on an epic powder day.

His most recent novel is Hopper’s World, the third book in The Emulation Trilogy, completing the story started in Newton’s Ark and Fuller’s Mine. His other published works are Harry Seven, a time travel/alternative WWII history adventure romance and Cerelia’s Choice is a space opera romance. He is currently working on The Strength of a Giant, an epic space opera about the true meaning of family and belonging that also explores issues around machine consciousness and AI alignment.

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