Hopper’s World

The long awaited final installment of The Emulation Trilogy.

Humanity will survive, but in what form?

Seventy years after a massive asteroid strike, three groups of people have survived.

In Colorado Springs, nearly a thousand biological humans who see themselves as the legitimate heirs to the United States. Dedicating themselves to repopulating the planet, no matter how great the violation of the rights of women, they are oblivious to the nation’s infrastructure crumbling around them.

Aboard Newton’s Ark, a hundred thirty Emulated Minds suffer under the oppressive regime of Andre Waleski, unaware the satellite carrying the computers which host the virtual environment is slowly losing altitude, and will eventually crash.

At the University of Colorado in Boulder, a dozen Emulated Minds have taken physical form via the wonders of nanotechnology. They have the knowledge to preserve Twenty-First Century technological civilization, but their leaders, Regina Lopez and Cyrus Jones, refuse to intervene.

While Elizabeth Carlson focuses on rescuing those aboard the Ark, her brother Eric teams up with Isabel Hayes, an exceptional young woman from Colorado Springs, hoping to ensure a brighter future for humanity. But can such disparate groups work together, or live together, when they disagree violently on what it means to be human?

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