Newton’s Ark

Newtons Ark Kindle Cover Medium


Newton’s Ark is D.A. Hill’s first novel exploring the impact of technology on human society. The story continues in the second book in The Emulation Trilogy, Fuller’s Mine.

What readers are saying about Newton’s Ark:

“Most self-published authors should never be allowed to put finger to keyboard. D.A. Hill’s book Newton’s Ark is the rare, enjoyable exception. The story is well written, with good character development and plot twists that don’t demand you suspend disbelief. The characters are real, the setting true to life and the story is believable. What more could you ask from an author?”

“D.A Hill’s book grabs you on page one and never let’s you go.”

“Newton’s Ark presented a future human existence that I never previously contemplated.”

“I’m a woman and I don’t normally read science fiction, but I loved this story, especially the characters.”

2013 CIPA EVVY awards Merit Award winner.

From the back cover:

How far would you go to survive the end of the world?

December 20, 2047 – the day the human race faces extinction.

With a little more than two years to prepare, President Paul Carlson struggles with the awful choices he must make to ensure the survival of the American people.

Meanwhile wealthy industrialist James Newton,aided by ace programmer Cyrus Jones, embarks on his own audacious and radical plan to save humanity.

As both sides race against time and the growing economic and social collapse, Major Regina Lopez finds herself caught between these competing forces.

Which side will she choose as she faces sacrificing everything she thought she believed in to protect the people she loves?

Newton’s Ark is a work of near-future science fiction that raises fundamental questions about the essence of our humanity.
As the characters struggle to survive the end of the world it asks the reader to wonder, how far would I be willing to go?

Options to buy Newton’s Ark:

Paperback at Amazon  and CreateSpace

For Kindle at Amazon

Audio-book at Audible and Amazon

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