Researching Book Locations

With the wonders of Wikipedia and Google Maps and especially Google Earth it has been possible to do a great deal of research on locations for my stories without even leaving the comfort of my own home. Even so, there’s no substitute for actually visiting a place to get the feel for it. Fortunately almost all of the locations in Newton’s Ark were places I had visited. The exception was the location in north-east Colorado. I’ve been to the general area, so I know what the rolling plains out there look and feel like, but I’ve never been inside that missile silo or any other.

A big part of Faraday’s Mine, the second book in the Emulation Trilogy, will be set in and around Colorado Springs, specifically inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

Despite the fact that Colorado Springs is only four and a half hours from Steamboat, I had never been there. So this weekend I remedied that. Unfortunately there’s no way to get inside (at least if you want to live to tell the tale), but I did get quite close – housing estates now come within two hundred yards of the entrance (good thing the Cold War is over because this would have been the first place the Soviets would nuke) – and I did get a great sense of  the surrounding area, which will also be important to the story.

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