Book 3 Update

For those who have read Newton’s Ark and Fuller’s Mine, books 1 and 2 of the Emulation Trilogy, and are anxiously awaiting book 3, some good news. I retired from my day job recently to focus on writing and am making good progress on book 3 – working title “Hopper’s Retreat”. My goal is to finish the first draft by May, and publish in October.

Spoilers ahead

At the end of Fuller’s Mine there are three groups of survivors:

  1. biological humans who survived underground and are based at Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs
  2. uploaded minds hosted inside a computer simulation running on a satellite in orbit (Newton’s Ark)
  3. uploaded minds hosted in human-like bodies composed of nano-bots, based at the University of Colorado in Boulder

The big question to be answered by book 3 is whether humanity survives long-term, and in which of these forms…

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