Cerelia’s Choice – coming soon

My next novel, Cerelia’s Choice, is currently in the proof reading stage and I hope to publish within the next month or two. Here’s the cover and short description:

Cerelias Choice Kindle Cover 4a small

A beautiful princess. A handsome space pirate. Surely a match made in heaven. If they survive…

Fifteen thousand years in the future the Galactic Empire occupies fourteen worlds, each selected and terraformed to resemble humanity’s original home. Yet all knowledge of Earth has been lost, many regarding it as nothing but myth.

Crown Princess Cerelia must leave behind her home and family to travel across this Empire to marry the man she has chosen to succeed her father as Emperor. When her ship is attacked by space pirates, she flees in the company of the ship’s captain, Jefferson Rydel, and is plunged into a harsh, rough environment completely unlike the refined, sophisticated, and comfortable world she has always known.

As she struggles to adapt and they race to stay ahead of the forces so determined to kill her, Princess Cerelia must face many questions. Is the secret she stumbles across real—a revelation so startling it could rock the very foundations of the Empire—or is Rydel nothing but an unprincipled charlatan exploiting the hopes of millions? Can she expose the plot against herself and her father before it is too late? And most of all, will she find what she truly longs for in one man—a worthy successor to her father and true love…

For those waiting for book three of The Emulation Trilogy, I’m now working on that, with a very tentative target publication date of December 2015.

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