Angela’s Choice

I’m 90% done on the first draft of Fuller’s Mine, but I have one unresolved story line.

At the end of the story Angela Faraday, who we met as a child in book one but is now an adult, has to make a difficult choice about her future. She has three options, none of them appealing. I’ve written versions of the scene where she decides with each of the choices and still can’t decide, partly because she can’t really decide. All the choices really suck. At this point I’m even thinking of leaving it unresolved, which  in some ways rings true, although her inaction would be a choice in herself. Perhaps that is the right solution. She chooses by not choosing which is something people do all the time.

Any thoughts appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Angela’s Choice

  1. Hmmmmm… The dilemmas of an authors life. Personally, I don’t like books and films where no choice is made and you’re left up in the air. But it sounds as if tragedy will ensue from any choice made….. I hope the book doesn’t finish with tragic! So I think you might just have to make a choice for Angela!

    • You’ll be happy to know I haven’t left it unresolved. Angela’s choice is made, and its consequences made clear. I think many readers won’t like her choice, but it seemed the most realistic path given the circumstances she faces at that point in the story.

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