4 thoughts on “New Cover

  1. I like the “Book One of the trilogy”, and How far would you go….. the graphic is very sci fi…. the way i think about it is would I be attracted by the cover if i was in an airport shop…. answer, …. probably not because i wouldn’t normally buy a sic-fi type book. But this book is actually about people, the characters are very strong so I think if you are redoing it, prospective buyers need to get a sense that it is more than the technology, its a story about people in a situation where technology provides a solution. How you do that….. that is the question!!

  2. How do you do that? That’s a problem both in terms of concept and execution given my limited graphic design skills! Anything with people in it is an order of magnitude harder artistically, but I absolutely hear what you are saying.

  3. Hi I like the original one especially as it shows the swirling storm or cloud system below. I would agree that maybe enhancing the satellite more as you have done with the new one would be an improvement. So a melding of the two covers.

  4. I agree with Rob. The visual balance is better in the new cover but the full view of the cloud formation in the old cover evokes a sense of urgency. The teaser is good as it adds an personal connection for the reader.

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